Available Now: The Mobile Presence Marketing Inspiration Guide

Swirl Inspiration Guide

Leading national retailers are tapping into the power of mobile presence to engage and influence shoppers in their stores via their mobile devices. Sending highly targeted messages, content and offers directly to in-store shopper smartphones generates higher levels of engagement and better business performance for retailers. Recent mobile presence campaigns have generated amazing results, including more than 40% increases in basket size and 5x return on investment.

In our new Mobile Presence Marketing Inspiration Guide, you’ll find 13 different ways that mobile presence can be used to enhance the retail experience, including:

  • Driving Mall Shoppers Into the Store with compelling, timely push messages
  • Personalizing the In-Store Experience for your most loyal customers by delivering highly relevant content and services while they shop
  • Streamlining the Buy Online Pickup in Store experience for customers and sales associates
  • …and much more!

Get inspired today by downloading our free Mobile Presence Marketing Inspiration Guide.

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