Beacons Drove Meaningful Business Results During the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

With the Holiday 2016 shopping season behind us, Swirl analyzed the results of beacon marketing campaigns that were run by a number of leading retailers (see our press release). Using the Swirl platform and digital location signals in their stores, these retailers saw significant impact across a variety of key performance indicators. Specific results from various holiday campaigns included:

  • A mall-based specialty retailer saw a 41% increase in average basket size and a 36% increase in mall to store traffic conversion rate
  • A branded apparel manufacturer saw a 7% increase in outlet store traffic and sales, resulting in a projected 7x return on investment
  • A leading department store increased traffic flow to targeted departments by 10 – 17%
  • A specialty apparel retailer saw a 13% increase in mall to store traffic conversion rate, resulting in a projected 5x return on investment

These impressive results continue to validate the power of in-store mobile marketing. Retailers who have been using beacons for the past several years have moved well beyond the “testing and experimenting” stage and are now running beacon campaigns that are generating meaningful results on a regular basis in their stores.

According to a Post-Holiday Shopping Survey conducted by The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), a staggering 86% of Millennials used a mobile device while shopping in stores and 91% of holiday shoppers made a purchase at a physical store. Swirl’s mall-based clients capitalized on this trend by using beacons placed at their store entrances to drive mall shoppers into their stores. With mall-to-store traffic uplift as high as 36%, beacons played a key role for these savvy retailers in the fierce competition to gain shopper attention.

As more and more retailers take advantage of in-store mobile marketing technology, reports of beacon campaign successes are likely to continue. In fact, with manufacturers like Cisco, Zebra, Verifone, Phillips and GE incorporating BLE technology directly into retail hardware devices like WiFi access points, payment terminals and LED light fixtures, many retailers already have widespread access to location signals in their stores. And with Google’s “Nearby Notifications” feature now enabled on 100 million Android smartphones, retail marketers are now able to reach a large percentage of their in-store shoppers with beacon-triggered messages and mobile content. 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for mobile presence marketing indeed!

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