On Demand Webinar: How To Take Advantage of Mobile Presence for Enhanced Cross-Channel Orchestration

With WorldPay recently reporting that omni-channel shoppers spend 50 to 300 percent more than single channel shoppers, it’s clear that successful cross-channel orchestration can have a major impact on retailer success.

Savvy retailers are making significant investments in cross-channel marketing and shopper personalization strategies, ensuring that every customer interaction informs future communications with that customer, regardless of channel. Considering that 90% of retail sales happen in brick-and-mortar stores, in-store interactions are integral to any cross-channel strategy. But, until recently, physical stores have been a black hole for marketers – a place where capturing individual shopper behavioral data and personalizing marketing messages was virtually impossible. Thankfully, that’s all changed with the introduction of mobile presence technology.

With the proliferation of shopper smartphones and digital location signals including GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth beacons and Visible Light Communications (VLC), retail marketers now have a digital connection to shoppers in their physical stores. And with this powerful new capability, the all-important brick-and-mortar channel can finally be integrated to retailers’ broader cross-channel orchestration strategies.

Recently, Swirl teamed up with Oracle to bring physical store shopper behavioral data and in-store mobile marketing capabilities to Oracle Marketing Cloud customers. By integrating Swirl’s Mobile Presence Marketing platform with the Oracle Marketing Cloud, retail marketers are able to deliver more personalized experiences to shoppers, whether they are online, on mobile devices or even in store.

To learn more about how marketers can leverage mobile presence technology to bridge the physical and digital worlds, register now to access the free on-demand webinar that we co-hosted with Oracle: How to Take Advantage of Mobile Presence for Enhanced Cross-Channel Orchestration.

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