Get More Bang for Your Facebook Ad Spend Buck with Beacon-Powered Online to Offline Attribution

With advertisers spending over $27 Billion last year on Facebook campaigns, retail marketers and brand advertisers alike are interested in optimizing this significant portion of their digital media budget. At the same time, advertisers have voiced an increasing desire for first-party reporting tools to ensure transparency and accuracy across all of their digital media spend.

Leveraging retailer-owned beacons and other digital location signals, Swirl is addressing these advertiser desires with the launch of the industry’s first direct integration with Facebook for automated online to offline attribution. Swirl’s solution integrates our Mobile Presence platform with Facebook Ads Manager, allowing retailers to connect verified store visits with Facebook ad impressions, thereby quantifying the impact of specific Facebook campaigns on driving store and department level traffic.

Considering 90% of retail sales still takes place in brick and mortar stores, understanding the impact that digital media has on driving store visits has been an ongoing challenge for retail marketers. With this integration between Swirl and Facebook, Facebook advertisers will experience the following benefits:

  • 100% verified store visits – Because beacons work indoors and their broadcasting range can be tightly controlled, they are particularly valuable for retailers with mall-based locations, since GPS doesn’t work effectively indoors.
  • Precise location insight – For multi-category retailers or brand advertisers who wish to understand whether their Facebook ads drove people to a particular aisle or display area, short-range beacons can be configured to verify a shopper’s precise location within the store.
  • Reliable first party data – Because retailers own and control the beacons in their store, they have complete visibility into the location data that is being used to validate foot traffic. As a result, they no longer have to rely on reports from third parties or media owners.
  • Real-time results reporting – With the Swirl Facebook platform integration, retailers have real-time access to attribution results, allowing them to monitor and optimize Facebook ad campaigns on an ongoing basis.

This integration automatically matches in-store beacon interactions captured by the Swirl platform with Facebook ad impressions and then calculates the incremental lift in store or department traffic generated by the Facebook campaign, based on comparisons with a control group that was not served ads.

In the fierce fight for capturing shopper attention and driving store traffic, this integration arms retailers with a new way to optimize their digital ad spend and generate value from the location signals within their stores.

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