Swirl Integrates with Google to Help Retailers Deliver Better, Faster Results at Scale

I’ve written previously about how Google’s entry into the beacon world is a game-changer for the beacon industry, exponentially increasing audience reach via Nearby Notifications. Since that announcement, Google has continued to extend its impact on the beacon world by introducing a global beacon registry and open API’s that are paving the way for rapid industry adoption and further audience scale. On the heels of these announcements, many of our retail clients have jumped at the opportunity to scale their beacon marketing programs based on industry standards backed by Google.

These moves by Google address the early challenges faced by retailers and mobile publishers in their efforts to take advantage of beacon technology: namely a lack of industry standards and platform interoperability coupled with limited audience reach. In order to take full advantage of Google’s new foundational capabilities, we recently integrated the Swirl Mobile Presence Marketing platform with Google’s beacon registry and proximity APIs. This integration brings together the automated marketing tools and self-service capabilities of Swirl’s marketing platform with the massive audience reach and foundational infrastructure offered by Google. By adding a marketing services layer to Google’s Developer platform, Swirl enables non-technical users to take advantage of the infrastructure that has been developed by Google. So what does this actually mean for retailers?

What exactly is Google doing to accelerate beacon growth?

With Google’s Nearby and Awareness APIs, retailers and third party audience owners can enable their mobile apps to interact with any beacon hardware device (broadcasting with industry-standard Eddystone or iBeacon protocols) without the need for proprietary, vendor specific SDKs. This brings much-needed standardization to the entire beacon industry, allowing retailers to easily connect their beacons to a variety of mobile apps. And with Google Nearby Notifications available on roughly 90% of Android devices, retail marketers can now reach 100 million US in-store shoppers with highly relevant content and services triggered by beacons.

And what does Swirl bring to the table?

Google’s beacon services offer a trusted set of developer tools and APIs that can be used to connect beacon hardware with a variety of mobile audiences. The Swirl platform sits on top of this foundation and adds a layer of functionality and control that enables marketers to take full advantage of the Google infrastructure. Whereas Google’s tools are very technical and designed for developers, the Swirl Platform is more like a mission control center that provides marketers with a single, centralized platform for:

  • Managing the complexity of multiple location signals
  • Connecting those signals to multiple audience partners
  • Delivering content and services tailored to these audiences at each individual location
  • Permissioning select brand partners to participate in this ecosystem

As a Google certified Location Services Provider, Swirl is one of the few companies to have passed the rigorous suite of checks designed to ensure compatibility with Google’s beacon platform. Swirl will continue to collaborate with Google as Eddystone’s features and capabilities evolve. Today, the integration between Google and Swirl addresses a number of specific retailer needs including:

  • Large-scale audience reach – Through the Swirl platform, retailers can now permission beacon access to any mobile audience that is using the Google Nearby API, including Nearby Notifications, available on nearly 90% of worldwide Android devices.
  • Automated beacon management – The integration of Swirl’s automated location management tools with Google’s Beacon Registry enables retailers to easily configure, deploy, monitor and manage even the largest-scale beacon networks with no technical expertise required.
  • Centralized audience management – The Swirl platform provides retail marketers with a single interface for managing the flow of data, content and services delivered through a variety of audience channels including Google Nearby Notifications, authorized third party mobile apps and the retailer’s own branded app.
  • Security and access control – Retailers can take full advantage of Google’s secure communication protocol, Eddystone EID, and Swirl’s access control capabilities to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their in-store beacon signals.
  • Enterprise-scale campaign management –Swirl’s Creative Editor and Campaign Management tools enable marketers to effectively create and manage hundreds of mobile campaign variations tailored to thousands of store locations.
  • Private media exchange – Multi-brand retailers can leverage Swirl’s Mobile Media Exchange (MMx) solution to seamlessly extend in-store mobile marketing opportunities to their trusted brand partners.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of the world’s largest beacon-enabled audience, watch our free, on-demand webinar “How Google Nearby Changes the Beacon Marketing Landscape”.

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