Swirl Joins Cisco Solution Partner Program – Enables Retailers to Leverage Existing WiFi Hardware For In-Store Mobile Marketing

In an increasingly mobile world, consumers are constantly tethered to their smartphones. Even while they shop in-store, consumers turn to their mobile devices for assistance as they make buying decisions. In-fact, smartphones have now become an integral part of the in-store shopping experience. Savvy retailers have already outfitted their brick and mortar locations with WiFi service in order to appeal to these always connected consumers.

We recently announced that Swirl has joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program, enabling Cisco customers to leverage their existing WiFi hardware to engage with in-store shoppers in a more meaningful way. Cisco is one of the many enterprise hardware players that have incorporated digital location signals into their hardware devices. By partnering with Swirl, Cisco has made it easy for retailers to generate greater value from their WiFi hardware investments.

This partnership reinforces a growing industry trend of increased collaboration and integration between retail hardware and software providers, especially in the proximity marketing space. These collaborations make it easier for retailers to scale their in-store mobile marketing efforts without the need for additional hardware deployments.

Through this partnership, Cisco customers are able to take advantage of Swirl’s Mobile Presence Marketing platform. Using the Swirl platform, retailers can engage in-store shoppers with mobile messages and content triggered by their precise in-store location and shopping behaviors. Because customers are already consulting their phones as they shop, mobile presence marketing campaigns can be used to enhance the in-store experience with relevant product information, offers and buying guides. As retailers begin to gather and leverage new shopper behavioral data, these in-store mobile experiences will grow more relevant and personalized over time.

Many leading retailers are already seeing the benefits of indoor mobile marketing. Over the holidays, retailers who took advantage of these new capabilities saw as much as a 41% improvement in key performance indicators. While some retailers have deployed dedicated beacon networks across their retail locations, others are taking advantage of their existing hardware infrastructure to power their efforts. And with industry titans like Google, Facebook, Oracle, Samsung and now Cisco taking a more active role in the mobile presence ecosystem, it should be an exciting year ahead.

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