Swirl Secures Indoor Mobile Location Patent Covering Location Signal Security and Consumer Privacy

The indoor mobile location industry is experiencing exponential growth with ABI Research predicting that there will be 400M beacons deployed by 2020 and hardware manufacturers including Cisco, GE, Aruba, Verifone and Zebra embedding Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals into a wide variety of hardware devices. As the industry heats up and the number of deployed devices becomes omnipresent, so too does the need for indoor mobile location security and privacy. Swirl’s latest patent, granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, addresses that concern with technology and processes used to secure the data that is broadcast by indoor location signals.

As indoor mobile location signals are used to generate highly sensitive shopper behavioral data and trigger valuable mobile marketing interactions and customer service applications, Swirl recognized the need for large-scale retailers and property owners to protect their signals from unauthorized use by third parties. Swirl’s Mobile Presence Management platform enables retailers to secure their signal network by using advanced encryption technology and permissioning capabilities to restrict signal access to approved third parties.

This patent adds to Swirl’s growing IP collection, which includes our previously-granted patent covering the technology and processes for using beacons to trigger the delivery of targeted content to a mobile device based on a user’s location. As the indoor mobile location ecosystem evolves, Swirl continues to be at the forefront, with ongoing investments in R&D to drive technological advancement, industry growth and innovative partnerships with key ecosystem partners.

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