Swirl’s New Partnership with AccuWeather Enables Retailers to Target Indoor Mobile Messages Based on Local Weather Conditions

Leading national retailers are tapping into the power of mobile presence to send highly relevant and timely content directly to shoppers in the aisles. And with Swirl’s recently announced AccuWeather partnership, marketers will now be able to take their mobile personalization efforts even further.

With this industry-first integration, Swirl platform users can now target campaigns based on both in-store location and local weather conditions. Through this partnership, retailers can tailor and trigger in-store mobile experiences based on a variety of weather data including temperature, wind, precipitation, UV index, pollen count and more.

Imagine walking into your local pharmacy to pickup a prescription. As you walk through the door, you get an alert: “Pollen count will be high for the next 3 days. Don’t forget to pick up allergy relief products before you leave. $2 off today.” For someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, this message is incredibly relevant and timely.

Apparel retailers can also take advantage of this powerful new targeting capability. Imagine walking into a department store and receiving the following message on your smartphone: “Winter Storm Alert – Today only get 10% off all snow boots to prepare for tomorrow’s storm.” Upon opening the notification you see the forecast snow levels for the following day and decide to take advantage of the flash sale. You’re happy that you got a discount on necessary winter gear, and the retailer is happy that you chose to buy your new winter boots from them. It is a win-win situation as location and weather data come together through Swirl and AccuWeather as the first and only platform to offer this capability.

Weather targeting and indoor mobile location marketing efforts go hand in hand, as both efforts work to drive the highest level of relevance for customers while shopping in-aisle. Messaging to consumers based on location in stores makes for relevant content, but adding the layer of local weather data can help further target those messages.

To learn more about Swirl’s new partnership with AccuWeather, read our press release here.

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