Tour the Swirl Platform With Our Product Demo Video

With more than 90% of shoppers turning to their mobile devices while in brick and mortar stores, leading retailers are smartly placing mobile on the top of their list of strategic initiatives to better connect with their shoppers. Hardware manufacturers including Cisco, GE, Aruba, Verifone and Zebra have responded to this trend by embedding BLE signals, which can be recognized by mobile devices to reveal a shopper’s indoor mobile location, in their retail-focused hardware devices. With this infrastructure in place, retailers now need marketing software to turn this indoor location awareness into an actionable marketing strategy.

Enter the Swirl Mobile Presence Marketing and Management Platform. Swirl’s platform was purpose-built by marketers and for marketers to take advantage of indoor mobile location. The platform supports the entire indoor mobile location ecosystem, including retailers, brand advertisers, mobile audience owners as well as hardware and software providers. The feature-rich platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Location Signal Management for enterprise-scale deployments of signals including Bluetooth beacons, WiFi, Visible Light Communications (VLC) and geofences
  • In-Store Data and Analytics to reveal key shopper insights such as store and department dwell time, path analysis, and recency and frequency of shopper visits
  • Proximity Marketing Content and Campaign Management to support everything retail marketers need to deliver in-store mobile marketing and experiences to their shoppers
  • Testing and Measurement to optimize both in-store mobile marketing campaigns as well as the drive-to-store effectiveness of online advertising campaigns
  • In-store Mobile Media Exchange (MMx) which provides retailers with the ability to partner with trusted brand advertisers to deliver branded messages to in-store shoppers
  • Data Integration for streamlined data transfer between enterprise software and hardware providers such as Oracle Marketing Cloud, Acxiom, Facebook, Google, Cisco and Zebra

For a closer look, tour the Swirl Platform with our product demo video.

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