The First End-to-End In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform

Swirl is the only enterprise-grade solution for creating, managing and optimizing in-store mobile marketing campaigns. The Swirl platform provides everything needed to deliver personalized content and offers to consumers on their mobile devices, whether they are in the neighborhood or in the store aisle. It's the future of mobile marketing and it's here now.

Swirl iBeacon

Swirl iBeacon

SecureCast™ Beacons

Powered by Bluetooth® Smart, Swirl's indoor positioning devices add a new level of location awareness to any mobile app without the need for additional hardware or network infrastructure. Simply peel and stick the small battery-powered beacons anywhere to deliver targeted messages, content or offers to consumer smartphones.

Dual Mode for Flexibility and Security

Designed to meet the growing needs of large-scale brands, Swirl's SecureCast™ Beacons can be configured as open iBeacons and made fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices. For retailers with greater concerns regarding data security and privacy, SecureCast™ Beacons can be configured with proprietary encryption and security technologies.


  • FCC certified for use in the United States
  • IC certified for use in Canada
  • TELEC certified for use in Japan
  • KC certified for use in Korea
  • CE certified for use in Europe

Swirl Beacons have been certified to meet Apple performance standards and are compatible with iBeacon™-enabled applications.

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Swirl Marketing Console

The Swirl Marketing Console gives retailers complete control with a full suite of tools for managing and analyzing in-store mobile marketing campaigns. Through a single web-based interface, retailers can easily create immersive mobile experiences while managing a network of thousands of indoor positioning devices, including SecureCast™ Beacons and Apple iBeacons.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Swirl's campaign management tools make it simple for retailers to design, deliver and manage highly targeted mobile experiences. Template-driven publishing, centralized creative asset libraries and in-line editing tools ensure consistency in branding as well as flexibility at a regional or individual store level. And with Swirl's integrated targeting engine, retailers can tailor messages based on available profiling data such as loyalty program status, transaction history, or browsing behavior.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Swirl gives marketers the ability to monitor and optimize virtually every aspect of the in-store mobile experience. From store visits and app engagement to department-level dwell time and offer redemption, retailers have access to a broad set of real-time and historical performance metrics. Flexible data filtering options provide rich insights to better understand and continuously improve in-store campaigns.

Administration & Workflow

Administration & Workflow

Built-in administration functions, including roles-based platform access and integrated workflow management, offer flexibility to support any organizational structure. Permissions can be set for specific individuals or groups and Swirl's multi-layered workflow feature means that approval processes can be easily implemented.

Sensor Management

Beacon Management

Whether it's adding a SecureCastâ„¢ Beacon to a new store display or monitoring the battery level of an existing Apple iBeacon, Swirl's beacon management tools make it easy to manage even the largest network of indoor positioning devices. Remote monitoring and auto-alert features allow network administrators to easily track and confirm device performance levels anytime, anywhere.

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Swirl's Mobile Client SDK

For Retailers

The Swirl SDK transforms your existing retailer app into an invaluable in-store shopping companion. Deliver instant rewards to loyal customers or help shoppers make more informed buying decisions. Swirl provides a whole new way to engage with consumers.

For Publishers & Lifestyle Brands

The Swirl SDK allows publishers and lifestyle brands to generate revenue by becoming part of an innovative new mobile ad network. App users benefit from the exclusive content and offers they receive from their favorite retailers, while publishers and brands create an entirely new revenue stream.

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