The Retail Industry’s Most Advanced Mobile Presence
Management and Marketing Platform

Let us help you tap the power of mobile presence in your stores.

A complete mobile presence solution

Swirl Mobile Presence
Marketing Cloud

A powerful new set of capabilities designed specifically for mobile presence marketing. Whether you want to deliver highly relevant mobile experiences to in-store shoppers or increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts, Swirl’s intuitive design and advanced feature set will help you take omnichannel marketing to a whole new level.

A new and ownable data
layer for retailers

Data-driven personalization is becoming increasingly important for retail survival, and mobile presence is the fuel that will make it happen. Swirl’s platform enables retailers to take advantage of this unique capability to create an ownable consumer behavioral data asset that can be used to power more relevant marketing and service interactions at every touchpoint.

Swirl Mobile Presence

Everything you need to transform your brick and mortar locations into a strategic digital asset. With easy to use tools for controlling location signals and enabling more impactful mobile connections in your stores, Swirl is empowering retail operations teams to create even greater value across the enterprise.

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