Swirl’s Geofencing solution allows large-scale retailers to add location awareness and geomarketing capabilities to any mobile app. With a powerful set of tools for managing thousands of outdoor regions and delivering highly targeted mobile content to nearby consumers, Swirl is helping retail marketers understand and engage with mobile consumers across the entire shopping journey.

Creating value with geofences


foot traffic from the mall or the neighborhood into your stores


dormant app users with targeted offers delivered near your stores


customer profiles based on the places your shoppers visit


insight gleaned from shopping behaviors at your competitors’ locations


neighborhood foot traffic and store visit rates

Getting started is easy

In a matter of hours, any mobile app owner can add the easy to install Swirl SDK to their existing mobile app.  Swirl’s small but powerful mobile presence framework enables location signal detection and content delivery on any iOS or Android device.  The Swirl SDK can be configured to interact with any location signal, including geofences, WiFi, Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons.

Everything you need for geofencing at scale

Establish geofences

Using the Swirl platform, marketers map the virtual location boundaries of all relevant physical locations. These locations can include areas around their stores, shopping malls, competitors’ store locations and any other points of interest that enhance the retailer’s understanding of and engagement with their customers. An unlimited number of geofences of any size and shape can be quickly configured and easily managed with the Swirl platform.

Set campaign goals and measurement plan

Swirl’s Impact Analysis feature provides marketers with advanced capabilities for analyzing and optimizing the performance of any mobile presence campaign. Supported with an easy-to-follow set-up process, platform users can document business objectives and configure measurement settings to ensure that statistically reliable results are generated by comparing campaign performance against control group benchmarks.


Define audience targets

The Swirl platform provides marketers with a broad set of options for audience targeting. Mobile content can be delivered to consumers in a single geofence location or to a group of locations based on any user-defined categorization scheme. Timing triggers can be used to control when content is delivered – at arrival, after a pre-specified dwell duration, or upon exiting a geofenced area. Shopper behaviors can be used to tailor messages to first-time, repeat or lapsed visitors; and custom targeting parameters can be created based on easily imported shopper profiles or mobile app registration data.

Design and schedule
campaign content

Swirl’s Mobile Presence Marketing platform provides a full suite of capabilities for designing, scheduling, delivering and managing geo-targeted or proximity-based mobile marketing campaigns at scale. With flexible creative formats and advanced tools for managing the app user experience (including frequency caps, content expiration controls, and user-friendly privacy settings), marketers can be sure that their messages and campaign content are welcomed by consumers.

Measure and optimize
campaign performance

With Swirl’s real-time reporting and analytics capabilities, marketers are able continuously test and compare the results of an unlimited number of content and creative design variations. Easy to understand dashboards highlight key performance indicators and allow marketers to quantify the incremental impact of every campaign.

A better geofencing solution

Traditional geofencing solutions that rely on server-side technology are beset with a host of challenges ranging from limits on the number and precision of geofence regions to user privacy and battery drain issues. Swirl’s advanced client-side SDK provides marketers with a better solution.  With support for an unlimited number of locations, the ability to set geofences of any shape and size, and a location-monitoring capability that works in the background, Swirl’s geofencing solution was designed to meet the unique needs of large-scale retailers.  And with full support for outdoor AND indoor location signals fully integrated into Swirl’s SDK, retail marketers using the Swirl platform can seamlessly engage with shoppers at ANY point in their path to purchase.

Geofencing Solution
Geofencing Solutions
Location scale


Supports unlimited number of geofences


Number of geofences limited to 20 on iOS and 100 on Android

Audience reach


Works with app in foreground or background


Limited to foreground app use only

Location precision


Supports geofences of any shape and size


Geofences limited to radial/circular shapes

User experience flexibility


Supports fully customizable mobile experiences


Limited to basic push notification/message

User privacy


Location tracking limited to pre-designated regions


Continuous location tracking and data collection

Power conservation


Leverages hybrid GPS, WiFi, cell tower location methodology to minimize battery usage


Requires continuous use of phone GPS and location monitoring, resulting in significant battery drain

Support for indoor location


Integrated SDK and platform support for indoor location


Limited to outdoor location only

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