The Ultimate Retail Marketing Advantage

We’re helping retailers take advantage of their most
powerful marketing asset – the retail store.

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13 ways to enhance the retail experience with in-store mobile marketing

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Enabling retailers to get more from every shopper visit


Foot Traffic


Repeat Visits


Time In-Store


Conversion Rate


Basket Size

Marketing for the mobile generation

Leverage your location

Transform your brick and mortar  stores into a valuable digital asset.

Know your customer

Capture and codify the behaviors of your in-store shoppers.

Personalize your brand

Deliver uniquely tailored content when and where it matters most.

Optimize your spend

Improve campaign performance across all of your marketing channels.

Your location.
Your data.
Your strategic advantage.

More than 90% of total retail sales take place in brick and mortar stores, yet for most retailers, the store represents a siloed and underutilized marketing asset. Swirl is changing all that with the industry’s most advanced Mobile Presence Marketing platform. Using the Swirl platform, retail marketers are able to originate an entirely new set of customer behavioral data generated from smartphone interactions with geofences, WIFi and BLE signals. This retailer-owned data layer creates a unique strategic asset that can be used to drive more personalized engagement across every customer touchpoint. Because when you know more, you can sell more.

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The retail industry’s most advanced mobile presence
management and marketing platform

Expertise and support to help you succeed

Establishing a mobile presence capability may seem like a daunting challenge, but we can help. Our product specialists are seasoned project managers who bring expertise to get you started and ongoing support to ensure your long-term success. Based on our hands-on experience with some of the world’s leading retailers, we’ve developed the tools, processes and best practices knowledge to help you get the most from your mobile presence effort. We’ve worked side by side with our retail partners to refine our product and add valuable new features that you won’t find anywhere else. So, whether you need help planning your first campaign or taking your mobile presence program to the next level, our team is here to help you succeed.

  • Platform setup & training
  • Project management support
  • Technical development support
  • End-user support
  • Program strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Creative design
  • Results analysis

The Swirl advantage

Location signal agnostic
Location signal agnostic

Support for a variety of location signals and hardware providers

Modular architecture, open APIs
Modular architecture, open APIs

Easily integrates with your existing marketing tech stack

First party data
First party data

Retailer originated and owned, for complete control

Trusted by industry leaders
Trusted by industry leaders

Deep relationships with leading technology, marketing and media companies

Most advanced marketing tools
Most advanced marketing tools

Specifically designed for mobile presence marketing

Expertise & support
Expertise & support

Strategic guidance and client support backed by in-market experience gained from top retailers

Protecting consumer privacy & control

Swirl is committed to protecting the privacy of consumers by putting them in full control of the information they share. Permission for location sharing is secured through an opt-in process, and consumers can opt-out at any time.  Swirl does not collect any personally-identifiable information at any time. See our privacy policy.

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