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A more engaging in-store experience

Check out The Beacon Marketing Playbook to see how we’re helping leading retailers engage today’s in-store shopper with highly relevant content delivered where and when it matters most.

Beacon-powered mobile marketing


Relevance through

Creating true shopper
value with targeted
in-aisle experiences.


A Modular

From enterprise-class beacon hardware to advanced campaign management tools.


Protecting Consumer

Committed to transparency and information sharing control for your customers.

How it works


How it works


We Wrote the Book
on Beacon Marketing

As pioneers in the industry, Swirl has been at the forefront of innovation in beacon marketing. We’ve spent years working with leading retailers to develop the industry’s most advanced technology and capabilities. And we’ve got the patent to prove it.

Swirl granted patent for beacon-powered mobile marketing. Read the Press Release.


Supporting the world’s largest retailers in collaboration with:

Our strategic relationship with Zebra Technologies (formerly Motorola Solutions Enterprise Business) provides the industry’s most scalable and comprehensive beacon marketing solution for leading retailers and brands around the world.


Swirl’s beacon marketing software can be licensed independently, or in conjunction with MPact, Zebra’s unified indoor locationing solution.

Beacon Hardware

Swirl’s platform is fully compatible with Zebra’s Bluetooth® Smart beacons – providing retailers with the flexibility to purchase beacon hardware from an established retail partner.


Swirl customers can access Zebra’s nationwide Services team for installation and servicing of even the largest scale beacon networks spanning thousands of retail locations.

Extend your reach with
the Swirl Audience Network

Through our network of premium mobile app publishers, retailers can now deliver personalized digital experiences to an unmatched audience of in-store shoppers. Using beacon aware mobile apps that they already carry, millions of consumers are ready to connect in your stores. What are you waiting for?

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Retailer Benefits

“Swirl is using Retail’s stealth weapon to maximize in-store sales.” – Forbes


Customer Satisfaction

Create shopper value with meaningful in-store mobile experiences.


Shopper Engagement

Extend mobile app usage with in-store alerts and value-added features.


Purchase Decisions

Drive conversion and spend by delivering highly targeted content and offers at the moment of truth.


The Beacon Marketing Playbook

Get the playbook used by Lord & Taylor, whose beacon marketing campaign was named Mobile Marketer’s 2014 Mobile Program of the Year. The playbook will show you:

  • The importance of setting clear business goals
  • How to optimize beacon placements
  • 3 rules for a customer-friendly beacon marketing program
  • Tips for creating “glanceable media”

SWx™ is powering the In-Store Shopper
Marketing Revolution

With Swirl Ad Exchange (SWx) and in-store beacons, retailers can unlock a powerful new marketing channel for brand partners and  advertisers. Every beacon in your store represents an interactive merchandising opportunity that you can offer to your most important brand partners. Swirl’s programmatic private ad exchange allows retailers to control and manage brand access while maintaining complete control of the shopper experience. It’s in-store shopper marketing for the digital age and it’s here today.

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Getting started is easy!

Swirl’s platform is robust enough to meet the needs of the largest and most complex organizations, but simple enough to deploy in a matter of days. It gives marketers complete brand control while delivering a seamless in-store shopping experience to consumers.


1. Simple Setup

Whether it’s adding the Swirl SDK to your existing mobile app or taking advantage of the Swirl Audience Network, deploying new Swirl beacons in your retail locations or leveraging existing third-party beacons, getting started has never been easier.


2. Create & Launch

Our template driven design tools and step-by-step Targeting Wizard allow marketers to launch highly targeted beacon-powered mobile marketing campaigns with ease,


3. Analyze & Optimize

With real-time access to detailed performance metrics, retail marketers can quickly assess campaign effectiveness and modify programs to optimize results.

Want to see the Swirl platform in action?