Beyond the Beacon: 3 Ways to Drive Mobile Engagement Without BLE Hardware

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many ways that Swirl’s industry-leading mobile presence marketing platform is enabling retailers to harness the power of indoor mobile location to generate greater value from every shopper visit. But if you’re still waiting for that beacon rollout or infrastructure upgrade to get BLE signals in your store, you may be wondering what can be done NOW to advance your mobile marketing efforts. The good news is that Swirl can help. Did you know that in addition to offering the most advanced set of indoor mobile location capabilities, Swirl’s platform also provides marketers with a full suite of mobile marketing tools that can be used to drive greater customer engagement without the need for any additional hardware? Here are three ways you can get started with Swirl today.

  1. Scheduled Mobile App Push Notifications

Would you like to connect with consumers when they’re not shopping in your stores or browsing your website? You already post content to a variety of social media sites and you regularly send sales announcements to your email list, but are you taking full advantage of your most powerful marketing asset? Your mobile app provides an always on connection to your most valuable customer, allowing you to connect with them anytime, anywhere. With Swirl’s Scheduled Push Notification capability you’ll have everything you need to create, deliver and measure mobile push campaigns that reach even the hardest to reach consumers, no matter where they are.

  1. Geofence Marketing Near the Store

With Swirl’s Geofence Marketing capability, retailers can take advantage of the outdoor GPS location capabilities built into every smartphone. In addition to alerting shoppers to current promotions and product arrivals when they are in the vicinity of a store, marketers can use the Swirl platform to personalize messages based on individual consumer preferences, past purchases, online browsing behaviors and more. And Swirl’s direct integration with leading marketing cloud platforms and DMPs means that the location data generated by your mobile app can be used to enhance the messages you deliver at any marketing touchpoint.

  1. WiFi Marketing in the Store

If you offer WiFi connectivity to your shoppers, then you may already have the signal infrastructure to support indoor mobile marketing. Through a direct integration with Cisco Meraki, Swirl makes it easy for retailers to leverage existing WiFi access points to deliver precisely-targeted mobile content to in-store shoppers. Whether it’s delivering welcome message to shoppers as they sign in to your guest WiFi connection, or sending a targeted push notification through Google’s Nearby Notifications service to shoppers in a particular department, Swirl’s WiFi Marketing capability can help you connect with customers in a powerful new way. And Swirl’s prebuilt platform integrations and flexible APIs mean that the in-store shopper behavioral data captured through WiFi access points can be seamlessly delivered to your DMP for enhance omnichannel marketing.

With digital interactions now influencing more than half of every dollar spent in brick and mortar stores, retailers can’t afford to sit idly by as mobile continues to become the preferred communication channel for consumers everywhere. If you’ve been waiting to take the next step with mobile marketing or if you’d like to learn how Swirl’s capabilities stack up against your existing mobile tools, we’d love to hear from you.

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