Swirl and Adobe Integrate for Unified Omnichannel Analytics

What happens when you add physical world consumer behavioral data to an industry-leading customer analytics solution? You generate the richest and most powerful set of customer insights available anywhere. And today, more than ever, understanding the customer journey across every touchpoint is critical to optimizing business performance. We call it unified omnichannel analytics, and thanks to Swirl and Adobe, it’s here today.

Swirl’s indoor mobile location platform enables top retailers to manage even the largest indoor location signal networks, effectively transforming their brick and mortar stores into a valuable new source for customer behavioral data. And with Swirl’s real-time DataBridgeTM connector, retailers can automatically direct this data to Adobe Analytics for truly seamless omnichannel reporting and analysis.

Analyze Store Traffic Patterns

Adobe has long aided retailers with better data visualization to drive better business results. By enabling a deep understanding of customer behaviors and performance, Adobe Analytics plays a key role in helping these retailers make more informed marketing, merchandising and product decisions. Swirl’s Adobe DataBridge connector takes this one step further, by providing an entirely new data layer that allows them to understand what’s happening inside their brick and mortar stores. Retail store foot traffic data can be analyzed at the chain, district, individual store and even department levels, empowering business executives to make smarter decisions.

Understand In-Store Shopper Behavior

With more than 90 percent of retail transactions taking place in brick and mortar stores, understanding in-store shopper behavior is critical for retailers. Thanks to the integration with Swirl, Adobe Analytics can now be used to uncover trends in store visit duration and checkout rates. In addition, detailed insights into shopper dwell time in specific departments, paths of travel and engagement with mobile content and services in the store can be generated and accessed at any time.

Visualize Online to Offline Attribution

With billions of dollars spent annually on digital marketing programs, understanding the business impact of these investments is critical to retailers. For years, Adobe’s multichannel attribution solution has been helping enterprise marketers understand the effects of every digital touchpoint on online traffic and conversions. And now, with in-store behavioral data generated by Swirl, Adobe Analytics can be used to understand the impact of digital campaigns on physical world behaviors. With this powerful online to offline attribution capability, Adobe Analytics users can now directly measure the impact of their digital investments on retailer store and even department-level traffic.

Getting Started is Easy

Swirl’s automated DataBridge for Adobe Analytics was designed for ease of use by marketers. Existing Adobe Cloud users simply set up Swirl as a data source in Adobe Analytics, choose the data fields they would like to extract, and define the frequency of data transfer. That’s it! Once connected, all of the physical world customer behavioral data generated by the Swirl platform can be accessed as easily as any other data source through customizable Adobe workspaces.

If you’d like to learn more about unified omnichannel analytics powered by Swirl and Adobe, we’d be glad to talk.

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