Omnichannel Data Integration

A powerful set of connectors for enhanced omnichannel marketing

Connect. Unlock. Extend.

Every marketer knows that the foundation for successful omnichannel marketing is data. That’s why we developed DataBridge™ – a set of automated connectors that make it easy to integrate indoor mobile location data with your existing digital marketing infrastructure. Whether you want to create unified online-offline customer profiles, connect your digital media spend to retail store foot traffic, or remarket to customers after they leave the store, Swirl can help. Your customers spend a significant amount of time in your brick and mortar stores, so isn’t it time that your omnichannel capabilities extend beyond the online world?

The Industry’s broadest set of Partnerships and Product Integrations


Swirl’s integration with the Google Beacon Platform provides retailers with the ability to register and synchronize all of their Swirl-managed BLE signals (Google Eddystone UID, EID and Apple iBeacon) with a single click (no developers required). Once registered, marketers are able to leverage Swirl’s advanced marketing and analytics applications for enabling the creation, management and measurement of indoor mobile campaigns at scale. Additionally, registration provides significant audience scale, enabling marketers to deliver highly contextual messages and content to Android mobile devices, without an app installed on the device, via Google’s Nearby Notification service.


Swirl’s Facebook integration enables Facebook Ad Platform customers to automate the sharing and activation of new Swirl-originated, in-store audience segments for online targeting and retargeting campaigns. Via direct integration with Facebook’s Offline Conversion API, marketers are also able to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns in driving incremental store traffic. With Swirl’s automated test/control groupings and statistical measurement tools, marketers even get real-time attribution reports based on their own first-party store visit data.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Through a deep integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, users can leverage Swirl-generated presence events to trigger cross-channel marketing campaigns (mobile push, SMS, email)  orchestrated through Oracle Responsys, as well as share valuable and actionable device-level presence and location data directly with Responsys Interact Connect™. Swirl’s direct integration enables a seamless end-to-end workflow that brings the power of location and presence data (geofence, BLE beacons, WiFi) to the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Oracle Data Cloud

Swirl’s Oracle Data Cloud integration enables the automated sharing of device-level, mobile presence and in-store behavioral data directly with Oracle BlueKai, providing for seamless on-boarding of offline data into the BlueKai platform. By combining in-store and online behavioral data, marketers can deliver more targeted digital campaigns and media investments, generating greater ROI.

Adobe Analytics Cloud and Audience Manager

Adobe Analytics Cloud customers can directly access device-level, mobile presence and in-store behavioral data through Swirl’s integration with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager. By combining valuable offline and online behavioral data, marketers gain a 360-degree view into the customer journey. And this new first-party data asset can be used to activate in-store audience segments for more precise online targeting, while also enabling new attribution capabilities for measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns in driving retail store foot traffic.

Acxiom LiveRamp

Swirl’s Acxiom LiveRamp integration enables the automated sharing of device-level, in-store mobile presence and behavioral data directly with LiveRamp, facilitating cross-channel identification of mobile device users that can then be leveraged for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels.

Salesforce DMP

Swirl’s Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) integration enables the automated sharing of device-level, mobile presence and behavioral data for strengthening consumer relationships across every touchpoint and delivering more relevant marketing experiences.

Catalina Marketing

Swirl’s integration with Catalina enables marketers to reach shoppers with highly-targeted messaging and content personalized to their individual buying preferences and needs. By combining Swirl’s indoor mobile location detection capabilities with Catalina’s unique ability to curate and deliver content based on past, current and future buying behaviors, retailers are able to drive larger baskets and repeat visits to their store.

Cisco Meraki

The deep integration between Swirl and Cisco Meraki makes it easy for marketers to leverage their existing WiFi access points to originate and act on an entirely new set of customer behavioral data. This data provides insights into store visit rates, shopping duration, department dwell times and retail store traffic paths. Retailers can also act on this data with a powerful new set of specialized marketing capabilities that enable them to deliver personalized and localized mobile content directly to shopper smartphones at precise locations within the store.

Zebra MPact

Swirl’s Mobile Presence Marketing Platform offers a deep integration with the Zebra MPact Indoor Locationing platform. Through an automated data transfer process, retailers’ floor plans, WiFi, and BLE metadata can be automatically ingested and synchronized in the Swirl platform. With this integration, Swirl’s specialized marketing capabilities can be used to create, measure and optimize targeted in-store mobile marketing campaigns based on Zebra locationing zones.


Swirl’s integration with Accuweather enables marketers to tailor and trigger indoor mobile content based on local weather conditions and forecasts. This industry-first integration of weather and indoor location enables retailers and brands to deliver the highest levels of in-aisle relevance available today. With instant access to weather conditions and forecasts for more than 2 million locations worldwide, marketers can target specific in-store mobile experiences based on temperature, wind, precipitation, UV index, pollen count and more.

Koupon Media

Koupon is the industry’s leading mobile offer platform and redemption network, powering offers for over 43,000 retailers and the world’s largest CPG brands. Swirl’s deep integration with the Koupon platform enables retailers to centrally manage all of their offers and promotions, while taking advantage of Swirl’s mobile presence marketing capabilities to maximize their impact by delivering this content to shoppers at the precise time and place it is most valuable.

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